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Code of Ethics & Conditions of Membership

AoHT Code of Ethics & Conditions of Membership Volume 1.0

Association of Healthcare Trainers Code of Ethics

1. Trainers shall comply with the laws, standards and regulations appertaining to their training courses.

2. Trainers shall be familiar with the applicable legislation, standards and regulations appertaining to a specific healthcare/social care training course.

3. Trainers shall respect the rights, welfare and dignity of all participants.

4. Trainers shall not discriminate against any participant.

5. Trainers must be committed to providing competent training to all participants.

6. Trainers must treat as confidential all information learned in the performance of their professional duties, while observing relevant requirements regarding disclosure. i.e. where it is considered that a vulnerable adult/child may be at risk of abuse.

7. Trainers shall maintain and promote high standards in their training course delivery.

8. Trainers shall not misrepresent, either directly or indirectly, their skills, training, professional credentials or identity.

9. Trainers shall provide only those courses for which they are qualified through education or experience as approved by an accredited body.
AoHT Code of Ethics & Conditions of Membership Volume 1.0

10. Trainers shall recognise the need for continuing education and participate in educational activities that enhance their skills and knowledge.

11. Trainers shall not engage in conduct that could be construed as a conflict of interest or that reflects negatively on their accreditation as a trainer.
12. Trainers must conduct themselves personally and professionally in a manner that does not compromise their professional responsibilities.

13. Trainers must strive to maintain impartiality and refrain from counselling, advising or projecting personal biases or beliefs.

14. Trainers must maintain the boundaries of the professional role, refraining from personal involvement.

15. Trainers must at all times act in a professional and ethical manner.

16. Trainers must work in a collaborative and consultative manner to reflect high quality delivery and best practice to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, standards and regulations.

17. Trainers must deliver, evaluate, record and review training that evidences competency based learning including underpinning knowledge and skills.

18. Trainers must deliver training to meet a diverse range of learners and to design and deliver training that motivates learners to aspire and achieve to deliver quality services to people in their care.

19. Trainers must review and update relevant programmes in order that regulatory and business requirements are fully met.
AoHT Code of Ethics & Conditions of Membership Volume 1.0

Association of Healthcare Trainers Conditions of Membership The AoHT and AoHT members are agreeing to the following:

1. AoHT registration is on-going until terminated by either party.

2. Membership information provided to the AoHT has been authorised to publish.

3. AoHT information must not be collected, sold or passed onto any third parties.

4. All parties will be committed to the AoHT Code of Ethics.

5. The AoHT have the right to refuse and withdraw membership.

6. The AoHT will notify members of any changes to the Code of Ethics or Conditions of Membership. If you feel that a AoHT member has not complied with the AoHT Code of Ethics please contact us at info@aoht.co.uk giving full details of how and where the Code of Ethics have not been complied with.
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