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At H.N.B Training Ltd - we understand that people in our industry are extremely eager to learn and that they learn quickly when knowledge is presented in meaningful ways.

We understand if trainees are to acquire skills in identifying problems and in decision-making, it is better to keep the lecture short and have them work on a case-study or engage in role-playing.

There are a variety of training methods to create learning situations:

   • ask questions to stimulate people to think and respond;

   • divide students into small groups and create group assignments, such as problem solving;

   • create small groups of 2 or 3 persons & discuss a topic or dialogue together;

   • do a role-play in front of the group;

   • demonstrate a topic and then involve the students in it;

   • simulate a real life situation and have students act it out;

   • have students observe various procedures and then practise these procedures on each other.

H.N.B Training will bring the learning experience to life and the benefits will be quickly seen in the work place.

To discuss our training methods please feel free to call on 0743 260 9413 and we will be glad to do so over the telephone or to visit your premises at your convenience.

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